Air Flamenco Terms and Conditions

Air Flamenco cares about your safety and comfort.  We are committed to making your travel experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. The following terms and conditions have been designed around this commitment.

TrulliTicket Policies

1. All reservations must be paid in advance to reserve the seats.  2. All Air Flamenco tickets are non-refundable and non- transferable (passenger's name). We do provide credits in accordance to the Air Flamenco Ticket Policy. 3. Air Flamenco do not sell overbookings. When you book with us your seat is guaranteed for the date and time of your flight according to our travel policies 4. Changes to the itinerary will be subject to availability. A change fee of $30.00, per passenger, per change, if applicable plus fare difference. 5. For any cancellations 24 hours prior to the flight time, there will be a 100% cancellation fee. 6. Failure to cancel a reservation in advance of check-in and not showing up for your flight will result in forfeiture of 100% of payment for the “no-show” segment (no credit given). Passengers arriving when flight is closed is considered a No Show. Passengers with confirmed reservation that didn’t board the flight is considered a no show. No show passengers will have to buy new tickets in order to fly. New tickets are subject to availability. 7. We have cancellation without penalty, for ticket reservation within 24 hours of booking; tickets purchased at least seven days before a flight’s scheduled departure date and time. Please refer to this link for more information. GUIDANCE ON THE 24 HOUR RESERVATION REQUIREMENT. All changes and cancellations must be made by phone to Air Flamenco Customer Service Department, by calling our offices (787) 724-1818, or at airport counters on normal operating hours. 8. At the event of a change or cancellation, the remaining amount is not refundable and not transferable but may be used towards the purchase of any future travel within the next 12 months. Any unused credits will expire after 12 months from the ticket issued date. Any unused credits will expire after 12 months. Our services are 100% non-refundable. 9. Toddlers and Infants under two years of age will travel in an adult's lap free of charge. After two years of age, full fare applies. The allowance is one infant on lap per passenger. If you require to use a seat for an infant it must be certified for aircraft use. A separate seat must be reserved for the child and a ticket must be purchased. 10. Unaccompanied Minors (UNAMs): Are children five (5) to twelve (12) years of age who are traveling alone or not accompanied by a passenger at least eighteen (18) years of age. If your child is over 15 years of age and you would like your child to travel as a UNAM you may request this service when making the reservation. The child must be escorted by an adult when checking in. The person who is meeting the child at the destination airport must arrive 15 minutes prior to the child's departing flight and notify one of our agents on duty. When making a reservation, please provide the name, phone number and address of the adult meeting the child at his or her destination. 11. Air Flamenco does not assume any responsibilities for expenses resulting from failure to departures or arrival times to make connections to other flights. 12. Flights may have one or two stops before destination. If this happens you will be notified before boarding. 13. All flights will be closed 25 minutes before departure. Walk-in passenger may be accepted after. This will be handled by company personnel only. 14. If at the moment of check-in, the actual passenger's body weight differs from the given estimated body weight for more than 20lbs, the passenger could be moved to another flight depending on the availability. 15. Charter Flights. A charter flight is an unscheduled flight that is not part of a regular airline routing. With a charter flight, you rent the entire aircraft and can determine departure/arrival locations and times. For more information about our Charter Flights please, visit our Charter Flights section. 16. Air flamenco reserves the right to cancel your seat after check-in, if behavior represents a threat to the safety of the flight. (Ex. drunk, nervous breakdown, etc.)  17. Air Flamenco reserves the right to cancel any flights if safety is compromised or as result of bad weather conditions, mechanical problems with the aircraft and for other reasons of “Force Majeure”. For additional information regarding flight with Air Flamenco, please read our Website Privacy Policy & Terms of Use Agreement. or contact us by calling our offices (787) 724-1818 or by e-mail at

Trulli Baggage Rules

Ticket includes 1 piece of checked baggage and 1 hand bag (brief case, laptop, purse, ect) per ticketed passenger with a maximum total weight of 30 pounds, both. Additional weight will be charged $1.00 per additional pound. Pieces maximum size is 22 x 15 x 9. Additional pieces can be added for $5.00 each plus $1.00 per pound. Coolers have an additional charge at check in counter of $10.00 up to 20 pounds, additional pounds will be charged $1.00 per pound. Golf Bags: We accept golf bags however, we cannot be liable for loss or damage to equipment in open golf bags. Excess Baggage: Excess baggage is transported on space and weight limitations. The maximum weight allowed for each piece is 60 pounds. If the baggage cannot be carried on the same flight with the customer, it will be transported on the next available Air Flamenco flight. The final decision regarding the ability to carry excess baggage will be made by the Air Flamenco Crew. Unusually shaped objects: Bicycles, surfboards, canoes, kayaks and other such large pieces or sporting equipment exceed the capacity of our aircraft compartments and are not accepted for transport on regular schedules flights. They can be transported as cargo only flights on our Cargo moving facility at Luis Munoz Marin Airport. Please contact Flamenco Cargo office at 787-726-2441 or for more details prior booking your flight. Items sent via Flamenco Cargo are not part of the included luggage offer on schedule flights tickets additional charges may apply. Restricted & Prohibited Item. The Transportation Security Administration is implementing new security measures including a prohibition of the transportation on board domestic or international flights to or from the U.S. of printer or toner cartridges weighing 16 ounces or more. Accordingly, effective Monday, November 8, 2010, passengers are prohibited from transporting these items in either carry-on or checked baggage.  • No household items: bleaches drain cleaners and solvents contain dangerous chemicals which can cause toxic fumes and corrosion. • No flammable liquids: fuel, paints, solvents, adhesives, alcoholic beverages higher than 140 proof and flammable gases such as lighter refills and camping gas might leak and cause a fire. • No fireworks: signal flares and other explosives which might detonate due to their sensitive nature. • No other hazardous materials: strike-anywhere matches, gasoline-powered tools, spray cans, self-inflating rafts, wet-cell batteries, poisons, infectious substances, mace and pepper spray. • No oxygen tanks. • Wheelchairs: Only wheelchairs with certain types of batteries will be accepted. Please contact our customer service department for more details. Please, read the TSA Information for a complete list of items. Restricted & Prohibited Items or send yours questions regarding prohibited items, directly to TSA at All bags must be checked at the airport. Identification: All items are required to have identification on them, and we strongly recommend identification inside as well. Baggage Damages. During the normal operations of air travel your luggage will be transported on conveyor belts and travel on baggage carts and may encounter weather conditions such as rain, wind or sun light. In addition, your luggage will move and shift during takeoff, flight and landing. Air Flamenco cannot be liable for minor exterior damage in your baggage. Claim Checks: Check that you have a claim check for each piece of baggage and that the bags are being checked to the appropriate destination. At your destination make sure you check the numbers against the receipt to be certain you have your luggage and not someone else’s. Valuables: Never leave laptop computers, jewelry, keys, medications, audio or video equipment or other electronics, travel documents, passports, cash, legal documents, etcetera. in checked baggage. Air Flamenco cannot be liable for lost items. For Air Flamenco is a pleasure transport your fragile items, but we cannot accept any liability for it. Lost & Found Items. Regarding found items, we will work to return articles found as quickly as possible. If you realize that you forget something on the airplane, please inform to a crewmember, immediately. If you have left the airport, contact us by calling our offices (787) 724-1105, (787) 724-1818 or report lost item by e-mail at

Trulli We Are Pet Friendly!

We accept pets on our flights however, advance reservation is recommended. Only one pet per aircraft may be booked confirmed space. Pets are approved for travel on a first-come, first-served basis. Multiple pets from the same family are permitted on the same aircraft; however, it is possible, due to space or weight constraints, the passenger and pets may not be able to be accommodated on same flight. 1. Pets have a $25 fee per pet up to 30 pounds. A hard kennel is required in all flights. 2. Air Flamenco accepts assembled pet kennel that will fit on our airplane measures with dimensions up to 27″x20″x19″. Kennels bigger than the specified size do not fit in the aircraft and will not be accepted. Only one pet per kennel is accepted. 3. For safety reasons, pet must show good hygiene, all pet sizes will travel on hard kennels on cargo area. Our cargo area is safe for your pets. No carry-ons are allowed. 4. We recommend, the day of your flight take your pet for a walk. It’s best to make them more relaxed during the travel. 5. Please contact our offices to advise that you will be traveling with a pet or if you have any questions about traveling with a pet, please call a Customer Service Representative at (787) 724-1818 or

Trulli Service Animals

Air Flamenco allows service animals used by persons with a disability to accompany the persons on a flight, free of charge. 1. We accept as evidence that an animal is a service animal by presenting identification cards, other written documentation, presence of harnesses or markings on harnesses, tags, or the credible verbal assurances of the qualified individual with a disability using the animal. 2. We permit that a service animal accompanies a qualified individual with a disability in any seat in which the person sits, unless the animal obstructs an aisle or other area that must remain unobstructed in order to facilitate an emergency evacuation. 3. Your animal must behave properly. An animal that engages in disruptive behavior (ex. barking or snarling, running around, and/or jumping onto other passengers, etc. without being provoked) will not be accepted as a service animal. 4. For a flight that is scheduled for eight hours or longer, airlines may require documentation stating that your animal will not need to relieve itself or can do so in a sanitary way. For emotional support and psychiatric service animals, Air Flamenco can request specific documentation and/or 48-hours advance notice for emotional support animals and psychiatric service animals. Documentation should not be older than one year from the date of your scheduled initial flight and must state: • You have a mental or emotional disability that is recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM); • You need your emotional support or psychiatric support animal as an accommodation for air travel and/or for activity at your destination; • The individual providing the assessment is a licensed mental health professional and passenger is under his/her professional care; and The licensed health care professional’s (Date and type of professional license, and Jurisdiction or state in which their license was issue) For additional information regarding traveling with service animal, please refer to the following link : Air Travel with Service Animals
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