Air Flamenco Charter Flights Policies

The convenience of charter flight far surpasses that of flying scheduling. This is particularly true when traveling internationally. You still will have to go through customs, but one that is more private and typically meets you at the plane, it more convenient, taking a fraction of the time it would if you flew commercially.

Preparing for your charter flight

What you need to know?

A charter flight is a flight that is not part of an Air Flamenco published schedule. When passengers travel on Air Flamenco, they usually take a scheduled flight.  Scheduled flights operate according to pre-published schedules for departures and arrivals from one destination to another.  However, another option for travel is a charter flight. In a charter flight you rent a plane with a pilot for a specific destination on a specific date and time. In a charter flight you will enjoy your entire travel experience, all while providing luxury, comfort and flexibility.

Your charter flights experience begins when you submit a Charter Request Form. Let the adventure begin!

Air Flamenco understands that time is money. For this reason, in this Charter Policies, Air Flamenco offers important information to assist you with the best possible experience throughout your charter flight. Please, read these policies and ask any question ahead of your flight, at or call at 787-724-1818. This guarantees a seamless charter experience.

Passengers Accommodation. Our aircraft accommodate up to 9 passengers. Check-in & Time Requirement -In Charters Flights we still recommend that you arrive 30 minutes before departure. 1 hour before departure in Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport (LMM) so that we can load all passengers and luggage on board in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your charter.

Customs fees and Passengers Fees. Air Flamenco don’t cover customs or passengers’ fees or any other government fees. Air Flamenco will inform you - in a timely manner - if your destination entails the payment of customs fees.

Identification For domestic flights all passengers 18 & over must present a valid government issued photo identification (ID) at the airport stations in the Check In. The following are valid and acceptable ID:

Driver's licenses or other state photo identity cards issued by Department of Motor Vehicles (or equivalent)

U.S. passport

U.S. passport card

DHS trusted traveler cards (Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST)

U.S. military ID (active duty or retired military and their dependents, and DoD civilians)

Permanent resident card

Border crossing card

DHS-designated enhanced driver's license

Airline or airport-issued ID (if issued under a TSA-approved security plan)

Federally recognized, tribal-issued photo ID

HSPD-12 PIV card

Foreign government-issued passport

Canadian provincial driver's license or Indian and Northern Affairs Canada card

Transportation worker identification credential

Immigration and Naturalization Service Employment Authorization Card (I-766)

For domestic flights within the US, the TSA does not require children (anyone aged 17 or younger).

For international flights, please read the section International Flights of this Charter Flights Policies.

International Flights -Keep in mind that every country has different rules and regulations. Make sure to communicate with us by email or phone for additional information.

Common information and paperwork you will need to send in advance are: First and last names, Dates of birth, weight, and a Passport copy of you and all your passengers.

Make sure you have all passenger information sent to the operator at least 72 hours prior to arrival, including any changes to passengers originally scheduled on the itinerary. Anything delivered after that will cause at least delay with customs.

When passenger arrive at the airport, they will just sign so that customs can double check their information.

It is very important you know that all passengers regardless of age, traveling outside U.S. must present a U.S. passport, U.S. passport card or a Federally recognized, tribal-issued photo ID with Foreign government-issued passport.

Depending on the country, you may also require a visa or other documentation in addition to a passport. You should check with us or with the appropriate authorities in the countries you wish to visit to find out what you may need.

If you have any question regarding valid identification; please contact us by phone 787-724-1818 or by email

Charter Request Form. Your charter flights experience begins when you submit a Charter Request Form . completed and signed. All reservations must be prepaid to guarantee the charter. For international flights, make sure you submit a correct information in your form and passport copies of you and all your passengers. To make a charter reservation we need your form completed and signed. If in the moment that you reserve you charter flight you don’t have the passport and weight information of your passenger, you can reserve your charter; but need to send us all passenger documents before 72 hours of the flight departure. Anything delivered after that will cause delay with customs. For security purpose, have special care with the weights of you and your passengers. Any considerable inconsistency with the weights will cause delays and problems with the passenger’s accommodation.

Baggage. For safety reasons, our aircrafts have a weight limit on the passenger compartment of 1250 pounds and 250 pounds on cargo compartment. This means the total weight of passengers and cargo travelling cannot exceed weight limitations (1,500 pounds)

All bags must be checked at the airport. Please, read the TSA Information for a complete list of items. Restricted & Prohibited Items or contact us for questions regarding restricted and prohibited items.

We recommend, that you never leave laptop computers, jewelry, keys, medications, audio or video equipment or other electronics, travel documents, passports, cash, legal documents, etc. in checked baggage. Air Flamenco cannot be liable for lost items. For Air Flamenco is a pleasure to transport your fragile items, but we cannot accept any liability for it.

Regarding found items, we will work to return articles found as quickly as possible. If you realize that you forget something on the airplane, please inform to a crewmember, immediately. If you have left the airport, contact us by calling our offices (787) 724-1105, (787) 724-1818 or file a report for a lost item by e-mail at

Waiting Time If the passengers get to the airport after the arranged flight time, an additional waiting time charge of $150.00 applies per hour/ fraction waited. This is only available if the aircraft doesn’t have another arranged flight affected by the waiting time. Air Flamenco reserves the right to move the aircraft to other location if needed after the arranged time. If the aircraft is moved you lost your charter and you will have to buy another one.

Non-Refundable. All Air Flamenco tickets are 100% non-refundable and non- transferable. However, if It is a domestic charter flight, you can make any changes to passengers originally scheduled on the itinerary (passenger's name) 48 hours prior to departure.

Cancellations. Cancellations can be made at least 5 hours before the Charter departure by sending an email to or calling our booking department at 787-724-1818. If the cancellation is made, you will have a charter credit valid to use for 1 year from the date of purchase on the same route. A reactivation fee of $100.00 apply. Any change of time /date will be subject to availability. A change of date fee $100.oo apply.

Failure to cancel a reservation in advance of check-in and not showing up for your charter will result in forfeiture of 100% of payment for the “no-show” segment (no credit given).

Additional Assistance Boarding Flights- Sometime, many elderly passengers or those with disabilities need extra assistance boarding a flight. If you or other passenger need additional assistance boarding your flight, please let us know in advance. We have a regular wheelchair for precisely this purpose.

Traveling with your pets - In Air Flamenco, we are pet-friendly. In Charter Flights, your pets are welcome without charge.

If you are flying internationally you will want to provide your valid pet’s international papers at least 48 hours in advance of your flight.

A hard kennel is required in all flights. Air Flamenco accepts assembled pet kennel that will fit on our airplane measures with dimensions up to 27″x20″x19″. Kennels bigger than the specified size do not fit in the aircraft and will not be accepted. Total weight of the pet and kennel may not exceed 30 pounds.

We recommend, the day of your flight take your pet for a walk. It’s best to make them more relaxed during the travel.

Air flamenco reserves the right to cancel your charter after check-in, if behavior represents a threat to the safety of the flight. (Ex. drunk, nervous breakdown, etc.) 

Air Flamenco reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any charters if safety is compromised or as result of bad weather conditions, mechanical problems with the aircraft and for other reasons of “Force Majeure”.

This is the total of our Charter Policies. For additional information regarding flight with Air Flamenco, please read our Website Privacy Policy & Terms of Use Agreement.

Remember, our goals are for you to have a pleasant and safe trip. If you have any question regarding our charters and destinations, please contact us by phone at 787-724-1818 or by email by

Know Our Charter Flights Destination

San Juan, Puerto Rico (Isla Grande Airport)

Carolina, Puerto Rico (Luis Muñoz Marín Airport)

Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Virgen Gorda, British, Virgin Islands

Tortola, British, Virgin Islands

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

La Romana, Dominican Republic

Other destinations are available. Please, contact us for more information by phone at 787-724-1818 or by email at
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